About the Studio

Studio N O I R E | N O I R is a 300 square foot studio nestled within a 900 square foot creative space that also houses the private offices of steph kirk, kempt curated and clutch clark (THE LANKY ARTIST COUPLE WHO STARTED THE SPACE TOGETHER).

With its white brick walls, historic wood flooring to match and 3 large windows that pour light into the minimalistic room so effortlessly, this studio provides a gorgeous array of various lighting situations. Soft filtered light in the morning and early afternoon, harsh dramatic lighting in the afternoon and night time hours that suit strobes or other artificial lighting sources well. click HERE to view our lighting schedule

Studio N O I R E | N O I R is available to rent at an hourly, half day or full day basis. cLick here to view our rates.




75 e 400 s, Suite 304
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84111

Business Hours

Open 9am-5pm Mon-Sunday



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