Noire Noir
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Meet the owners

Studio N O I R E | N O I R was created by Steph Kirk & Clutch Clark. An artist/photographer couple (known as “Noire Noir”) who designed and renovated the space on their own, along with the good will of their friends and family. It was originally just made to host their own artistic ideas and personal offices, but they later decided that this place was just too damn good to not open up their doors to other creatives.

So where does the name “Noire Noir” come from?
— Litereally everyone we talk to

So, here’s a little backstory…

Steph and Clutch both speak french (Clutch much better than Steph) and Clutch lived in Paris, France for three years and attended art school there.

They love the color black, Steph wears it constantly, they designed their place to be black and white and Steph’s work can be… How you say… Tres tres “moody”.

With noire being the female spelling of the word “black” in french, and Noir being the masculine. Noire Noir symbolizes that they love french, the color black and are the male and female version of each other who have teamed up not only in life, but artistically, to create beautiful things together.