Studio N O I R E | N O I R

Rental Agreement

Studio Noire Noir is a natural light photo studio in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. It  is available for use upon hourly, half day, full day and monthly rentals.

1 hour being the minimum booking time period.

Booking Requirements

-Renter must present a signed contract along with payment made in full in order to lock down desired booking time and date.

-Booking is done upon a first come first serve basis and Studio Noire Noir is subject to book desired date to another renter without both completed.

Studio Noire Noir has various lighting situations depending on the time of day and season. No refunds will be issued for customers dissatisfaction of lighting due to weather or unfamiliarity of our lighting schedule.

-Since Studio Noire Noir is such a small space, no more than 12 people are permitted inside at one time.

Amenities and spaces available for Renter use:

The studio

Power outlets


Various rental equipment upon booking

*Renter must stay inside suite 304 throughout their rental. Renter or anyone in their party is not permitted to enter the private offices of Clutch Clark, Steph Kirk/Kempt Curated or any other “Suites” within the building.


-Studio Noire Noir’s regular business hours are from 9am-5pm, Monday-Saturday.


-Payment can be made online via Honeybook or Venmo (@StephKirk). We do not accept checks or physical credit/debit cards on location.

Rescheduling and Cancellations

-If hourly rentals are canceled within 1 week of booked date, Studio Noire Noir will issue a full refund.

- If canceled within 48 hours,  Studio Noire Noir will issue a partial refund. 40% will be withheld as a cancellation fee.

-Day of cancellations will result in the full amount of the hourly rental being charged as a cancellation fee.

-Any bookings that need to be rescheduled, must be rescheduled within 1 week. Otherwise there will be a cancellation fee. Rescheduling is on a first come first serve basis and Studio Noire Noir cannot guarantee any certain date/time.

*Full day rentals must be cancelled within 2 weeks to be issued a full refund and 1 week for a partial (50%) refund. Full day reschedules must be brought to attention 1 week prior to scheduled date to avoid a cancellation fee.


-Studio Noire Noir is not responsible for parking. There is public, metered street parking along the block, a metered parking lot across the street as well as metered parking garages nearby available.

-Noire Noir is not responsible for any theft or damage to any vehicles during your rental.


-Renter is  aware that they or anyone in their party cannot come early to set up personal items (includes props, hair and makeup for models, styling wardrobe or setting up paper roll rentals). Set up and take down must be completed within the booked time slot.

-If renter needs more time, please check with a Noire Noir representative 15 minutes before the end of your booked time slot. If the studio is available for an extended rental, extra time will be billed accordingly.

-Renter must show up to their  shoot on time, as there could be possible bookings before or after your booked time period. If Renter, or anyone in their party is late (without fault of Noire Noir), Studio Noire Noir can not guarantee extra rental time and there will be no refund issued.

-Renter understands that if they or their party shows up or stays more than 5 minutes before or after their scheduled rental, this could conflict with other bookings. It will also be considered “overtime” and will be billed accordingly, with a 1 hour minimum.

-Renter is responsible for setting up any paper rolls rented from Studio Noire Noir.

Noire Noir Representatives

-There will be a Studio Noire Noir representative available onsite throughout your rental to open and close the space, as well as set up any strobe rentals prior to your arrival and answer any questions or concerns during your shoot.

-If you need anything moved within the studio please allow a Noire Noir representative to do so for you. Our plants are our sweet friends and boy are they fragile.

Rental Expectations

-Music must be kept at a reasonable volume, as Studio Noire Noir is located in a shared space.

-There is no drinking, smoking, vaping or drug use permitted within Studio Noire Noir. Violators will be asked to leave. No refunds will be issued.

-With the exception of the items stated below, Renter is welcome to bring their own equipment or props into the space.

-Studio Noire Noire prohibits the use of any property damaging materials such as nails or tacks. If you need to hang anything within the space you are welcome to use wall friendly tapes, “Fun Tak” or Command Strips.


*If using glitter to style a model, please apply outside of the building.

-Studio Noire Noir is a safe space to create in. There is an absolute  zero tolerance policy for any inappropriate behavior towards a Noire Noir representative. This includes any verbal or physical assault of any kind. Violators will be asked to leave and will not be issued a refund.


-With the exception of plants or other fragile objects previously moved by a Noire Noir representative for the Renter, please tidy up and leave the space as you found it. (***Remember, cleaning must be done within your scheduled booking time) If renter does not leave the space as it was upon arrival, there will be a $30 cleaning fee invoiced.

-If Renter or their party  leaves anything inside the space, there will be a $25 fee. The owner will have 48 hours to collect the item(s). Otherwise it will be considered abandoned and donated to charity.

Theft and Damages

-Studio Noire Noir is not responsible for any theft, injury or other incidents of Renter or their party during the rental.

-If renter or anyone in their party  damages anything within the space (structural, furniture, plant or any rental equipment.), Renter will have to pay for the damages.

Renter Party

-Renter accepts responsibility in educating their party in the rules and expectations stated in this agreement.